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  HE GCCSG Receives Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs of the Republic of Yemen, Stresses the Importance of the GCC-Yemeni Joint Ministerial Meeting to be Held in Doha Next Sunday

General Secretariat - Riyadh

His Excellency Mr Jasem Mohamed Albudaiwi, Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), received His Excellency Dr Shaya Al Zindani, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs of the Republic of Yemen, on Thursday (June 6, 2024) at the headquarters of the General Secretariat in Riyadh.

His Excellency began the meeting by congratulating HE the Minister on the occasion of his appointment as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Affairs in the Republic of Yemen, wishing him success in performing his duties.

During the meeting, the importance of the joint ministerial meeting of Their Highnesses and Excellencies the Foreign Ministers of the GCC and the Republic of Yemen, which will be held on Sunday (June 9, 2024) in Doha, was emphasised, to contribute to advancing the security and stability process for the brotherly Yemeni people.

HE the Secretary General expressed emphasis on what was stated in the statement of the Supreme Council of the Cooperation Council in its 44th session held in December 2023 in Doha, which included full support for the Presidential Leadership Council headed by His Excellency Dr Rashad Mohammed Al Alimi, and the entities supporting him to achieve security and stability in Yemen.

The latest developments in the Republic of Yemen were also reviewed, as well as the impact of the Houthi operations in the Red Sea on the regional and global economic conditions, in addition to international efforts to contribute to resolving the Yemeni issue.

In conclusion of the meeting, HE the Secretary General renewed the GCC’s support for all efforts aimed at reaching a comprehensive political solution to the Yemeni crisis in accordance with the three terms of reference represented by the Gulf Initiative and its implementation mechanism, the outcomes of the comprehensive National Dialogue Conference, and Security Council Resolution 2216 to achieve security and stability in Yemen.