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  The GCC Intellectual Property Training Center holds a Training Seminar on Innovation

GCC- Kuwait
The GCC Intellectual Property Training Center held via visual communication, a training seminar on Monday, 6 July 2020, entitled "How to become an innovator? And what after the patent?" With the participation of Dr. Fatima Al-Thallab, President of the Kuwaiti Association for the Support of Inventors, and Eng. Bandar Al-Thobity, Head of Programs and Patent Initiatives of the GCCPO Innovation Support Department. 
Dr. Fatima Al-Thallab on "What after the Patent" pointed that it is necessary to define the steps that the inventor must take at the beginning and the obstacles that he may face in order for the product to reach the market. Moreover, what it requires of efforts, material, and moral support for the inventor at the state level as well as private sector, In addition to the authorities concerned with providing the educational role of intellectual property rights and innovation.
Eng. Bandar Al-Thobity discussed the article "How I Become an Innovator" about how the idea originates and how to be transformed from it into an innovation, as well as the importance of knowing the duration of protecting the idea, and the marketing that will transform it into a successful innovation.
The Speakers praised the role played by the GCC General Secretariat, represented by the Intellectual Property Training Center, by spreading awareness and protecting intellectual property through targeted training programs and awareness seminars.
Specialists from the GCC member states, GCC Intellectual Property Training Center and the General Secretariat, raised several inquiries.