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  The (75) Meeting of the GCCPO Grievance Committee

GCC- Kuwait

The GCC Patent Office Grievance Committee held the 75th meeting during the period from 9-11 February 2020, at the Intellectual Property Training Center headquarters in Kuwait.
Among the most important issues that were presented to the Committee was the consideration of a number of grievances submitted by patent agents and applicants and the issuance of a ruling in them.
It is worth noting that the Grievance Committee consists of 12 legal and technical members from the member states, formed by a decision of the GCC Ministerial Council every 3 years, and it is concerned with examining the complaints lodged by the patent applicants, according to the GCC patent system. The committee shall issue its decisions by a majority of two-thirds of the members present, and the executive regulations have organized pleading procedures before the Grievance Committee.