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  Joint Training Cooperation between the GCC-EMC and the Kuwait Red Crescent Society

GCC- Kuwait

The GCC Emergency Management Center concluded on Monday, 10 February 2020, its participation in the special training program organized by the Kuwait Red Crescent Society for the GCC-EMC employees.
The GCC-EMC director of operations, Mr. Hussein Bin Dinah, stated that the program included a training workshop in disaster management and early warning systems, in which the GCC-EMC employees participated in four batches, as this program is the 1st specialized training cooperation between the two sides to benefit from the experiences and transfer them to the GCC-EMC employees.
Mr. Hussein Bin Dinah said that ten of the GCC-EMC employees participated in the 4th and last batch of the program’s courses, to complete the training of 40 employees. The program included a number of areas through which the participants got acquainted with the concept of crisis and disaster management, assessing humanitarian needs and getting acquainted with early warning systems, principles of the Sendai Framework and the role of the media in crisis management.
At the end of the training program, Mr. Anwar Al-Hassawi, Vice-Chairman of the Kuwait Red Crescent Society and Ms. Maha Barjas Al-Barjas presented the certificates of appreciation to the participants, and memorial plaques were exchanged.