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  The 1st Meeting of the Working Group for the Action Plan of the GCC Ministers of Education

GCC- Riyadh
The Technical Working Group in charge of developing the Action Plan of the GCC Ministers of Education Committee held the 1st meeting, during the period 11-12 February 2020, at the GCC headquarters in Riyadh; with the participation of representatives of the GCC ministries of Education, and the Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States, and the GCC Secretariat.
During the meeting, they reviewed the directions and decisions issued in the Final Communiqué of the GCC Supreme Council at its 40th session, in addition to the Riyadh Declaration (Riyadh / December 2019), as well as the issues proposed by the GCC Ministries of Education, to be submitted and discussed during the meetings of Ministers of Education of the GCC States.
The meeting concluded with determining the Action Plan five main areas in the GCC joint work in the field of general education, and these proposals will be submitted to the Committee of Ministers of Education at the next meeting, after the Working Group completes its work in developing the proposed plan, which will include objectives, implementation mechanisms, schedule and performance indicators.