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  The GCC Celebrates Quality and Excellence

GCC- Riyadh

The Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council Dr. Abdullatif bin Rashid Al-Zayani attended the ceremony celebrating the obtainment of a number of sectors, departments and offices of the Secretariat the ISO certification in quality and information security. The ceremony was organized by the General Secretariat at its headquarters in Riyadh on Tuesday, 12 November 2019, in the presence of the GCC States Ambassadors to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the participation of Assistant Secretaries-General, heads of sectors, General Directorates and a number of the Secretariat staff.

The ceremony started with a presentation by Eng. Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, Director General of Information and Planning, addressing the Secretariat strategic plan and what has been done in regard to the implementation of the organizational structure and policies and procedures followed, as well as supporting and enhancing human resources and generalizing the utilization of information technology; In addition to the application of advanced technical systems such as Decisions, Areeb, Protocol's "Meetings" and Rasel.

Ms. Dima AlMazroa, Head of Quality division of the Quality and Excellence reviewed the General Secretariat strategy to obtain the ISO certification in quality and information security and the administrative steps that have been followed in coordination and cooperation between the Department and the Secretariat concerned sectors and departments and organizational units to achieve this goal under the guidance and follow-up of His Excellency the Secretary General.

In his speech, HE Hamad Rashid Al Marri, the Assistant Secretary General for Legislative and Legal Affairs said that judging the success of any business, especially in administrative work, requires transparent and fair governance and in order to achieve the highest success rates, the Secretary General's directives were to apply quality and excellence standards to the work, policies and procedures of all organizational units of the Secretariat. He expressed his happiness that a number of organizational units in the General Secretariat have obtained the quality certificate, in addition to the Department of Information Technology that obtained the certificate of information security. He also expressed his hope that all the organizational units of the General Secretariat will receive the certificate and thus the General Secretariat as the main organ of the GCC will receive the certificate in full.

In his speech, The Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council Dr. Abdullatif bin Rashid Al-Zayani expressed his deep appreciation for the sincere efforts of all the staff of the Secretariat and its offices and centers to develop the work and raise performance to the level that we all seek to serve the GCC journey and its lofty goals.

"Today, we celebrate honoring the sectors and departments that have received the prestigious ISO certificate in quality and information security, not because they have owned it, but because they believed in developing and improving the performance and organization of their work in accordance with the methodology of modern management and because they have worked hard and faced the challenge to only be in the forefront" he said.

The Secretary General expressed his pleasure to see the fruits of those blessed efforts made by all employees of those sectors and departments, stressing that it is proving their sincerity and dedication in performing the responsibilities and tasks assigned to them. As well as, their constant endeavor to develop and improve performance, which has had the most significant impact on the success of the Secretariat, So today it has become an example of excellence, quality and prestigious reputation.

The Secretary General expressed the hope that this achievement would be an incentive and motivation for other departments to move forward in their efforts to achieve quality and excellence, noting the efforts exerted by the Quality and Excellence Department at the General Secretariat and all its employees and  their dedication, sincerity, cooperation and understanding of the feasibility and importance of this administrative aspect in the process of development, modernization and performance improvement.

The Secretary General also expressed great pride in what the Secretariat had accomplished by the efficiency and capabilities of its own employees, and what has been applied of administrative and technical development, starting with the application of Rasel, Enjaz, Areeb and  the flexible working hours system. He stressed that the General Secretariat, by the endeavor and giving of its employees are actively pursuing the development of its administrative system and elevating their work and performance, expressing his congratulations for these honorable achievements, which emphasizes the importance of sincerity and dedication to work, as the desired way to achieve success and excellence.

During the ceremony, the Secretary General received the ISO certificate from the Center of Excellence for information security at King Saud University. Then, the Secretary General and the GCC States' Ambassadors handed over the certificates of honor to the Assistant General Secretariat for Legislative and Legal Affairs and the Sectors, centers and departments that have obtained the ISO certificate in quality and information security.