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  HE the GCCSG: The GCC States Have Ambitious Development Plans, Including a Significant Focus on Technology and Digital Infrastructure

General Secretariat - Perth
In a speech delivered at the 7th Indian Ocean Conference on Saturday, February 10, 2024, His Excellency Mr Jasem Mohamed Albudaiwi, Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), highlighted that the GCC states have ambitious development plans that encompass a significant emphasis on technology and digital infrastructure.

During his address, His Excellency also discussed the economic and trade relations between the GCC states and members of the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA), emphasising the strategic importance of the Indian Ocean region for the GCC.

He mentioned the progress made by the GCC in critical sectors of the Indian Ocean region, such as renewable energy and digital infrastructure. 

Moreover, His Excellency highlighted how these sectors can serve as models for regional cooperation. He also touched upon fuel and mineral oils, which constitute 72.3% of the GCC's exports to IORA countries, reaching a value of 215 billion US dollars.

Besides, His Excellency emphasised the potential of green technologies and innovations in the sectors led by the GCC states to contribute to efforts across the Indian Ocean region.

Additionally, he stressed the importance of developing digital economies to complement the physical trade of essential commodities such as fuel, oils, and precious metals. His Excellency also encouraged innovation in digital transactions and e-commerce throughout the region.

In conclusion, His Excellency the Secretary General reaffirmed the commitment of the GCC states to leverage their strategic position, technological advancements, and economic resources for the mutual benefit of the Indian Ocean region. He highlighted the importance of cooperative efforts to address common challenges and seize opportunities for growth and innovation.