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  Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council participates in the Arab-British Economic Summit

GCC- London
The Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council Dr. Abdullatif bin Rashid Al-Zayani participated in the opening session of the Arab-British Economic Summit, organized by Arab-British Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) on Wednesday, 3 July 2019, in London.
In his speech, The Secretary General stressed that the GCC States will remain keen on their friendship with Britain, believing in the historical, traditional, cultural and social ties that the GCC States share with the United Kingdom.
Dr. Al-Zayani said that our region has undergone many changes and is still facing many challenges, but the only thing that has not changed is the GCC vision, which is to "achieve prosperity" with all the meaning of the word in the political, economic, social and security fields, stressing that it is the vision of all Arab countries, and even all countries of the world. He added that achieving wealth through business, trade, industry and other economic fields is a key and important factor; the key to this is the words "understanding" and "cooperation", which are the basis for the extensive and comprehensive work of the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce.
The Secretary General pointed that the close strategic partnership between the GCC and the United Kingdom was our way of working regularly to enhance cooperation in all sectors, it also encourages us to look beyond the borders and work together in accordance with a range of shared priorities, including; regional defense and security, counter-terrorism and its financing, extremism and organized crime.
Dr. Al-Zayani said that "In the GCC, we are preparing ourselves for the future in our own ways, our continued efforts, and ambitious national plans based on domestic and foreign investment. However, success depends on the overall change of thinking from passive dependence to effective innovation; from a society in which the public sector is seen as the main body of work and production to a society that encourages the existence of a dynamic private sector with advanced thinking and entrepreneurship culture.
The demographics of our developing society and the high proportion of young people have become a cornerstone of development efforts. Our societies are capable of promoting dynamism and harnessing the energy and resources of our young people and thus leading us to a new and vibrant world with technologies and possibilities that we have not dreamed of in a few years.
We must instill in the youth community, male and female, the skills, and the spirit of innovation, leadership, knowledge, science, technology, managerial skills, and worthiness. Only then will our nations be able to compete globally in this new era."
The Secretary General stressed that the GCC States have made distinct strides towards achieving the United Nations goals of sustainable development to serve as the cornerstone for building these new opportunities.
Dr. Al-Zayani pointed out that there is much to learn from the British model in several fields, such as trade and the establishment of local industries, especially small and medium enterprises, universities and specialized educational institutes. "The UK's expertise in the field of renewable energies can undoubtedly contribute significantly to our renewable energy programs, especially with our enormous natural potential" he added.
The Secretary-General said that the exchange of these experiences enables our students and young businessmen who study in prestigious educational institutions in the United Kingdom to benefit greatly by gaining practical experience through British companies under establishment or already in the Gulf, as well as through Internal and External scholarships.
"The United Kingdom and the Gulf Cooperation Council are in a position to unite their experiences and exploit new opportunities. Both are rich in possibilities, just as Gulf investors are in the UK, the GCC also has a lot to offer to British companies looking to invest in a wide range of fields."
Dr. Al-Zayani stated that the "shared vision" is "Integration": the recognition that both the United Kingdom and the Arab world have a lot to offer. They have a common desire to increase the well-being of their citizens, while recognizing the need to expand these developments at the regional and international levels to ensure their sustainability. Both sides face many challenges that can be overcome through the consolidation of expertise and knowledge, in addition to their enormous natural, human and economic resources that can be exploited to achieve many benefits for both sides.