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    ​​​اختتمت بحمد الله تعالى وتوفيقه أعمال الاجتماع التشاوري الرابع عشر للمجلس الأعلى لمجلس التعاون لدول الخليج العربية . واستناداً إلى ما نص عليه البيان الصادر عن اجتماع المجلس الأعلى في دورته الاعتيادية الثانية والثلاثين في 25 محرم 1432هـ الموافق 20 ديسمبر 2011م ،

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  The 18th Meeting of the GCC Capital Markets Authorities Committee

GCC- Muscat

The GCC Capital Markets Authorities Committee, emanated of the GCC Ministerial Committee of Capital Markets held the 18th meeting on Thursday, 2 May 2019, in Oman. The meeting was chaired by, Mr. Abdullah bin Salim Al Salmi, Executive President of Oman's Capital Market Authority, with the participation of his GCC counterparts, and Mr. Khalifa said Al-Abri, the GCC Assistant Secretary General for Economic and Development Affairs.

In his opening speech, Mr. Abdullah bin Salim Al Salmi referred to the progress of the GCC joint work and its achievements, in terms of developing cooperation in order to achieve greater coordination among the GCC States in all fields, and meet the aspirations of their people. He stressed that the economic field remains the most important aspect to which the GCC citizen aspires to build his hopes for a sustainable and dignified life. He added that this aspect has witnessed important decisions in order to achieve the economic integration in general and the integration among the GCC Capital Market, which has long been a concern of many of the people of the region.

Mr. Al Salmi, Chairmen of the Meeting pointed out the GCC Capital Markets Authorities Committee role in dealing with various aspects that maximize the possibilities of the GCC States to employ capital markets to promote economic growth and diversify the sources of income to build an integrated, diversified and sustainable Gulf economy.

In his speech, Mr. Khalifa said Al-Abri stressed that the GCC Capital Market Authorities Committee are making great efforts to contribute to the Economic Integration and Convergence among the GCC Capital Markets, the progress achieved in the GCC Capital Markets is confirmed by the increase number of the companies listed and the ones the GCC citizens are allowed to trade their shares. He pointed out that the meeting's agenda includes a number of issues that are expected to have an effective contribution to the integration of the GCC Capital Markets.

The meeting discussed a number or related issues, most notably; the initiatives and priorities of the coming period to facilitate procedures, serving the GCC citizens and the integration of the GCC Capital Markets, the latest developments regarding the memorandum of understanding between the regulators of the GCC Capital markets, the results of the 2nd joint meeting between the GCC Capital Market Authorities Committee and the GCC Stock Markets Committee.

The meeting also discussed the recommendations of the Training Officials of the regulators of the GCC Capital markets, updates of the preparation for the 3rd workshop on "Control of trading", and a number of papers submitted by Member States and took the necessary recommendations.