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a) Movement and residence of GCC citizens

The GCC citizens enjoy equal treatment in respect to the right of residence and movement among the GCC States. Movement by ID is permitted in five Member States excluding the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is currently making final arrangements for permitting movement by ID.

A study on unification of the GCC passport, unification of the basic data to be included in the ID and the development of a smart card that can be used in lieu of the ID for movement and other purposes is currently underway. The smart card has been actually issued in three member States, which are the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Sultanate of Oman while the three member States achieved a lot in this regard.

b) Movement of Non-GCC nationals

To facilitate trade movement as required by the GCC Customs Union, the resolution of the Supreme Council on the GCC Common Market, taken at the 23rd session, has provided for the following:

"The competent committees shall develop practical mechanisms, subject to appropriate controls, for facilitation the movement of certain categories of non-GCC nationals, such as foreign investors, senior executives, marketing managers and truck drivers, provided that such facilitation shall be achieved by 2003, which is in line with the requirements of the Customs Union and facilitating the free movement of the Intra-GCC trade."

The Supreme Council (24th session) has also adopted a number of mechanisms for facilitating the movement of certain categories of non-GCC nationals. Efforts are still being made to unify the procedures related to the Intra-GCC tourist visas, as well as the fees applicable to the truck drivers between the GCC States.