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The Supreme Council (20th session, November 1993) instructed that a comprehensive appropriate Social Insurance Law should be developed in each Member State to provide equal coverage to those GCC nationals working outside their countries, or to establish a Joint Social Insurance Fund that would cover GCC national labor working in Member States.
The Council of Ministers of Labor and Social Affairs in the GCC States and the Financial and Economic Cooperation Committee decided in October 2000 " to extend the insurance coverage applicable in each member States to include GCC nationals working outside their countries, as a transitional stage."
The Ministerial Council (77th session, November 2000) instructed the Social Insurance and Pension authorities to complete the tasks assigned to them under the Council's resolution at its 20th session concerning the after-service rights of the employees working outside their countries to be implemented in five years at the latest.
The Ministerial Council (23rd session, Doha 2002) resolved that "full equal treatment" shall be accorded to the GCC nationals working in the field of social insurance and pension and "eliminate the restrictions preventing that" by 2005 at the latest.
The Supreme Council (25th session, Manama 2004) adopted the mechanism proposed by the Financial and Economic Cooperation Committee (64th meeting, may 2004) for extending the insurance coverage of the GCC nationals in the public and private sectors working in the other GCC States.